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BattleVerse Brings First DAO Governed GameFi Metaverse



BattleVerse is a free peer-to-peer online game that uses blockchain and DeFi x NFT technologies. Multichain technology, which allows you to manage your gaming assets by interacting with several blockchains, is a unique feature of BattleVerse. BattleVerse’s world is enormous! It has something to suit everyone’s tastes. Someone will eventually opt to fight in battles for monetary gain and improve their fighting personas in order to face the best of the best in the Intergalactic Tournament. Someone will opt to be an explorer or a well-known merchant across the galaxy, capable of selling rusted hardware to any robot. Many will become proprietors of industries and plants, as well as underground mycelium fields and strange groves, bringing in a steady stream of money.

The BattleVerse project began with a desire to create a collectible NFT game that was open, transparent, and community-governed. The BattleVerse Council is the method via which the community of $BVC holders will regulate and maintain the protocol, as well as the types of improvements that can be suggested. Holders of $BVC have the opportunity to nominate a candidate for a council seat as well as delegate their vote to a nominee in order to elect council members. Candidates for council members must be proposed before the event’s deadline, and a formal voting period must follow. After that, the mvDAO will compile all of the suggested members from the BattleVerse Voting Channel and determine the results

This technique will be used to combat plutocracy by limiting the voting power of large holders of $BVC. This mechanism has been effectively implemented by a number of other protocols, including Grants, and we believe it is the most equitable way to weigh votes. The new governance structure is divided into two primary components: The BattleVerse Council will be made up of nominees who will be voted in by $BVC token holders, allowing community representatives to discuss and distill technical improvements while also ensuring that major $BVC holders do not have disproportionate voting power in the result of proposals. Changes to the $BVC council will be necessary for some circumstances.

How does the Economy of Batteverse play out?

The game’s economy is determined by the players. All game market products are available for collecting, trading, and swapping. The main purpose is to provide you with the opportunity to earn money while having fun, especially if you are new to the world of Play-to-Earn (P2E) games. Every action taken by players in missions and quests will earn them money. In-game $QZQ tokens are awarded to players for their achievements in BattleVerse. These tokens can be used to upgrade characters, stake, and produce more money in various in-game structures, or exchanged on the in-game market and exchanges.

The game token $QZQ is required for players to raise their characters’ level, as only the most experienced and worthy fighters will be able to compete in the mysterious Intergalactic tournament, organised by the ancient Quzers race, for the chance to breed different characters and create new unique individuals. Only this race of all known races has the knowledge required to produce offspring from representatives of various races.

All game assets are initially created using the basic blockchain protocol BEP20 and stored in the system wallet, after which the service (gateway) scans, updates transactions and places (creates) entire copies of what was made using the basic protocol in system wallets on other platforms. When a player receives a gaming asset, it is placed in his wallet according to the protocol. If a player wishes to change platforms, he must first initiate the transfer process by selecting the “switch to another protocol” function and transferring his assets to the new platform. The system’s transition process is similar to transferring an asset to a system address. After assessing the transactions, the gateway transfers the same pool of assets to the player’s address in a different protocol that arrives at the system address within the protocol from which the user wishes to switch.

BattleVerse Metaverse: A Gaming Ecosystem of Web 3,0

The BattleVerse universe is divided into isolated regions-planets based on conditional race type, where six different sorts of animals with identifiable features from mythological and actual worlds live, evolve, and compete.

The fundamental goal of these six races is to fight in battles, develop, and win the Intergalactic Tournament so that they can breed characters of various types and create new unique heroes who are best suited to living in the most challenging and terrible circumstances.

There is an ancient race of the Great Elders – Quzers – who appear as non-player characters (NPCs) throughout the game. Quzers race representatives host frequent Intergalactic competitions in their arenas and offer a variety of amenities on their lands for the development and amusement of participants.

There are a number of different inner worlds to explore. They are designed to undertake monarchical game activities in PvP and PvE through local intraracial combat, missions, and earnings based on guessing the outcome of clashes between well-known characters. Using diverse racial structures and regions, civilians on the planets can obtain game assets.

You’ll be able to grow in the game and participate actively in BattleVerse’s economic model thanks to numerous options to develop and realise your characters’ potential.

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