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Art Nano(ARNO): The Secondary Energy Power Solution For Industries Using DeFi



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The global energy storage market is expected to double as homes and businesses adopt battery energy storage to supplement rooftop solar and other renewable energy systems, according to a new report by IHS. However, as the energy consumption and demand is increasing on one side, the available sources of energy especially non-renewable ones are on the verge of exhaustion. Arno is working towards creating secondary energy power solutions for industries and households using carbon nano material.

Today, it is very important for businesses to reduce and stabilize costs wherever possible. For industrial applications and processes, energy efficiency is becoming the main focus of attention. In order to meet this challenge, businesses often fix the price that they pay for energy for a designated maximum load. In order to bridge the gap between exploiting power availability at times that cannot be readily predicted and delivering sufficient power at times of demand, the technology provider has developed a BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) solution.

Electrical power generated from any source eventually needs to meet the challenge of how to store excess energy from energy generated when demand is low for use at an unspecified future point in time. This is a particular problem with power generated from energy sources such as renewable solar or gas-based. Put simply, when there is no sun or fuel, there is no power available to be generated.

ARNO to Develop Nano Technology For Battery Efficiency

A majority of the energy wastage comes from storage as it is quite difficult to store energy for prolonged periods of time. At present, there are various battery technologies in use such as lithium-ion, lead-acid, NiCd, Vanadium Redox-Flow, sodium-sulfur, or ZEBRA, however, none of them are efficient enough to meet the growing demands. Art Nano is working on a carbon-based nano-technology project that can be used by battery manufacturers for storing energy more efficiently and for longer periods of time.

The firm’s research found that adding new carbon-based materials to both negative and positive electrodes of a battery dramatically decreases the degree of sulfation and dramatically decreases the weight. Improvements to battery performance under high-rate partial-state-of-charge operation are also another benefit of carbon integration. Altogether, this means more cycles and longer service life.

Some of the key benefits of Art Nano developed carbon energy-saving technology include,

  • High availability – modular design.
  • Flexible design – suitable for almost all applications.
  • Easy battery handling.
  • Fully integrated turnkey solution – ease of sizing and reduction in project lead times.
  • Parallel connection of storage cabinets on AC side – highest flexibility in sizing.
  • Proven experience in power electronics – robust and reliable standardized solutions
  • “Black start” capability for micro-grids – diesel generator not necessarily required
  • Zero emissions.
  • Reduces CO2 footprint.

Apart from working on developing more efficient batteries many other Manufacturers of electronic products, hybrid vehicles, and power systems are also benefiting from the research and development done by the Art Nano team which allows them to create more flexible and high-performance offerings for their end-users. For the battery and energy market, carbon nanotubes, intercalated graphite, and graphenes serve.

The firm has been working towards developing carbon nanotechnology-based products that would create a more efficient way of storing and transporting energy. The firm is now bringing the technology to everyone by launching a project token called ARNO token. The company plans to deliver a broad range of products and solutions to customers in every corner of the globe, serving key industries such as transportation, infrastructure, environment, and consumer.

ARNO Uniswap Listing and IEOs

ARNO Token is an ERC-20 token with a fixed maximum supply of 50 million, only 8% of which would be available through ICOs and IEOs and the funds generated through these sales would be used to scale the development of the project further. The firm has decided to list its token on Uniswap DEX primarily because of its pricing model where it automatically calculates demand versus supply with a constant equation, so changes in value occur as more trades are collected. It would also ensure ample liquidity for the project.

Once the ARNO token is added to the exchanges, the project team will put up a certain quantity of tokens for auction, and when the tokens are bought by the participants, the team will stop the cryptocurrency input on the present platform for a year. The auction is held by the traders not bearing a relation to the developers. The project token is the main settlement tool of the economic part of the project. The entire economic system of the project involves the active use of the ARNO token.

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