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ARNO to Integrate PayPal Payment as it Ties Up With German Agency For Intellectual Property Registration




Art Nano (ARNO) is currently working on integrating the use of carbon nano technology for energy storage and battery improvement technology at a time when the natural and non-renewable resources are depleting fast. Apart from the declining resources, a major issue arises with the storage of energy, since majority of losses occur while storing and transferring. After years of research and development ARNO has come up with carbon based products which when integrated with the existing battery technology can offer much efficient energy conservation. The firm has not just worked on the development side, with defi integration it is also working to develop a decentralised and efficient distribution system.

The ARNO Token project is a fairly specific attempt to finance the introduction of a purely scientific, advanced technology into long-standing production chains in order to update existing and outdated technologies that have not yet lost their relevance. In our case, this project concerns the use of various types of carbon nanomaterials for the modernization and dramatic improvement of the properties of lead-acid batteries that are familiar to everyone and are used everywhere. And to create, based on the introduction of the latest technologies, the final product, which, at a comparable cost, has significant competitive advantages over competing samples.

The global energy storage market is expected to double as homes and businesses adopt battery energy storage to supplement rooftop solar and other renewable energy systems, according to a new report by IHS. However, as the energy consumption and demand is increasing on one side, the available sources of energy especially non-renewable ones are on the verge of exhaustion. Arno is working towards creating secondary energy power solutions for industries and households using carbon nano material.

Today, it is very important for businesses to reduce and stabilize costs wherever possible. For industrial applications and processes, energy efficiency is becoming the main focus of attention. In order to meet this challenge, businesses often fix the price that they pay for energy for a designated maximum load. In order to bridge the gap between exploiting power availability at times that cannot be readily predicted and delivering sufficient power at times of demand, the technology provider has developed a BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) solution.

The firm’s research found that adding new carbon-based materials to both negative and positive electrodes of a battery dramatically decreases the degree of sulfation and dramatically decreases the weight. Improvements to battery performance under high-rate partial-state-of-charge operation are also another benefit of carbon integration. Altogether, this means more cycles and longer service life.

ARNO Partners With German Patent Agency

ARNO, the coming of age secondary power solution provider using Defi and Nanotechnology has reached a major milestone in its endeavor as it nears the conclusion of an agreement with a legal agency in Germany, which in the future will be responsible for filing patent applications and their registration and receipt, for a trademark, and, in general, for intellectual property.

The German trademark integration would offer much necessary intellectual property registration allowing them to move to mass production of their carbon nanotubes that could be integrated with the existing battery technology.

Apart from partnering with the German trademarks and patent registration ARNO is also working to find possible future partners including manufacturers of lead-acid batteries and with the administration in Bulgaria on the provision of space for the construction of a laboratory and production base for our project.

ARNO to Integrated PayPal Payment Option

The project has also integrated PayPal payment option on its platform to allow customers to buy and sell the native token called ARNO token with ease. This would also help them ease the payment process given it would work with defi.

ARNO Token is an ERC-20 token with a fixed maximum supply of 50 million, only 8% of which would be available through ICOs and IEOs and the funds generated through these sales would be used to scale the development of the project further. The firm has decided to list its token on Uniswap DEX primarily because of its pricing model where it automatically calculates demand versus supply with a constant equation, so changes in value occur as more trades are collected. It would also ensure ample liquidity for the project.

Once the ARNO token is added to the exchanges, the project team will put up a certain quantity of tokens for auction, and when the tokens are bought by the participants, the team will stop the cryptocurrency input on the present platform for a year. The auction is held by the traders not bearing a relation to the developers. The project token is the main settlement tool of the economic part of the project.

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