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With the growing economic crisis rising on the peak with global inflations and debts that are biting into thriving communities, 2local® is here with a revolutionary solution.

What 2local® is all about

2local is an innovative blockchain-2.0 powered platform that is tapping into banking, without inflation and with value creation to encourage sustainability and prosperity for everyone. It provides a smart marketplace which connect consumers and companies that produce local and sustainable goods and services, enabling a prosperous environment for everyone. The trade is carried out with the help of a unique cashback system, decentralized digital wallets and the L2L tokens which are designed to rise in value.

The sustainable guidelines of the company copy those of the UN and lend a hand for thriving communities, to provide societal growth for everyone. Nevertheless, the goals also support prosperity for all by giving the advantages of the value of the economic system worldwide back to their members, who they called locals.

The L2L tokens, are built on the highly advantage blockchain-2.0 which is TRON TRC-20 based. This cryptocurrency focuses on a stable value rise. Using a buffer of L2L tokens and USD controlled by a special for 2local® designed trading-algorithm which ensures that the exchange rates are stable rising over the years to come.

Rising rates is one of the design requirements of the L2L-token. This is met by deploying all L2L-tokens in the system and generating a high liquidity by the use of a big portion of the L2L-tokens for payments. Every new user or more use of the L2L-token will increase demand which will make the price of the L2L-token rise even further.

The unique cashback system of 2local makes sure that both consumers and companies profit from it. In this cashback system tokens are rewarded to the users who buy services and goods from local and sustainable companies. The cashback is created by an overall transfer levy of just 1% added with the value rise of the L2L-token in the 2local® sell-reserve.

This is be divided equally and monthly among the people who buy locally and sustainably. The system is designed to give a cashback with a maximum limit per person so the most needy will benefit the most.

2local supports people who buy sustainably and locally twice:

  1. By offering a cashback in the form of L2L-tokens when buying at connected companies.

2. By creating a crypto system that makes the value of those L2L-tokens rise exponentially with more users.

This ensures that there is an exponential and stable growth in your investments you make in 2local.

The main objective behind 2local is to create a sustainable world, both economically and by creating a world without poverty and hunger topped with good health and well-being. They make this possible by partnering with companies who can prove that they produce locally or sustainably by endorsing them with a 2local certificate.

The funds that are raised during the initial sale of L2L tokens will mostly be used for platform development, research, marketing and connecting companies. There are no free L2L tokens reserved for the 2local Team.  

Some of the key reasons to use 2local : 

•        Decentralized digital wallet on smartphone

•        High ROI with an L2L-token designed for rising in value

•        Highly advantage blockchain-2.0, TRON TRC-20

•        Cashback for purchases

•        Community participation and strengthen yours by buying locally

•        Contribution in the fight against poverty

•        Helping to create a sustainable world

•        Profit made in the system is given to their 2local members.

•        L2L tokens are also available in payment services

With the unique flowing system of giving and receiving, 2local is able to create equality among people, closing the gap between population groups.

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