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Wettok offers complex strategies that are simple and intuitive for any investor to take part in through the Wettok Market platform. 

  1. What is Wettok?

Wettok is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Yield Optimizer project, that allows its users to make more crypto with crypto. DeFi applications are unique in the sense that they are permissionless and trustless, meaning that anyone with a supported wallet can interact with them without the need for a trusted middleman. Wettok caters its users by making it easy to get a yield on their crypto capital in a safe and decentralized manner. Through a set of smart contracts and several investment strategies, Wettok automatically maximizes the user rewards from various liquidity pools (LPs), automated market making

(AMM) projects, and other yield farming opportunities in the DeFi ecosystem.

Wettok offers complex strategies that are simple and intuitive for any investor to take part in through the Wettok Market offerings on the platform. With the inherent advantage of the speed and low fees with Binance Smart Chain, the team is exploring new methods of optimizing automation to secure the largest yields available.

From all of the vaults deployed on every blockchain, Wettok has its native governance token WTO at its core.

1.1Tokenomics (WTO)

WTO is a BEP-20 token built on the Binance Chain blockchain. In addition to being a utility token and providing liquidity, holding, and trading incentives, WTO token is designed to facilitate and incite the decentralized governance of the protocol.

WTO has a total token supply of 3 billion WTO, of which a selected portion will bestreamed to early backers. Much of the supply is locked up and will be released over a number of years and can be earned by providing liquidity to Wettok native pool over a number of years and can be earned by providing liquidity to Wettok native pools

1.2.Token details

Token Name: Wettok

Ticker Symbol: WTO

Blockchain: BSC

Token Standard: BEP20

Token type: Utility, Governance

Max Supply: 3,000,000,000 WTO

Seed Sale: $0.005 – $0.006

Private sale price: $0.01 – $0.012

Public sale price: $0.03

1.3 Token distribution (img)

Core Team: 15%

Advisors: 5%

Seed Sale: 5%

Pre-sale: 10%

Public: 15%

Network growth Fund: 34%

Community incentives: 16%

1.5 ROADMAP (img)

When discussing a roadmap, Wettok is referring to a strategic plan which defines the goal or desired outcome and includes the major steps or milestones that are required for the said goal to be reached. A roadmap also serves as a communication tool, a high-level document that helps keep track of the articulated strategic thinking behind the goal as well as the plan to get there.

A roadmap is a high-level visual summary that helps map out the vision as well as the direction of a specific product offering throughout a pre-specified time period. This roadmap communicates the why as well as the what behind what you are building, and it is a guiding strategic document as well as a plan for executing the product strategy.

A roadmap has several goals, including describing vision and strategy, providing a guiding document for executing the strategy, getting internal stakeholders in alignment, facilitating discussion as well as options and scenario planning, and helping communicate with the external stakeholders, including the customers.


Publishing Whitepaper

Marketplace Framework

Technical framework

Seed Sale


Launch Web3

launch smart contract


Community Sale


Listing on Pancakeswap


Listings on CMC


Real-time data & chart

Pair search

Analysis toolbox

Transaction overview


Pool explorer

Pair explorer

Score Pair


Wettok wallet

Manage your portfolio

Send and receive coin/token.

Follow the market


Wettok Exchange

Token Swap

Ethereum DApps Integration

Solana DApps Integration

Q4- 2023

Liquidity Pools

Lending Pools


Buyback and burn

2024 – 2025: Enterprise Marketplace

Decentralized, non-custodial data marketplace

Customizable for data providers

Deployed with a strategic enterprise partner

Payment Gateway


Wettok is implementing the ecosystem!

2.1Wettok Market.

Websites like Coinmarketcap are great for checking prices. However, for experienced and active traders, more tools are needed to evaluate token prices.

Wettok market is a price data analytics tool that helps traders to more easily navigate decentralized networks. One of the most important features of the platform is the ability to keep a record of the live price of tokens. That’s what the Wettok market was made for.

2.2Wettok Exchange.

Wettok exchanges were created to remove the requirement for any authority to oversee and authorize trades performed within a specific exchange. Wettok exchange allows peer-to-peer (P2P) trading of cryptocurrencies. Peer-to-peer refers to a marketplace that links buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies. They are usually noncustodial, which means users keep control of their wallet’s private keys, instead, traders will need a wallet compatible with the smart contracts on the exchange’s network. Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can benefit from the financial services offered by the Wettok exchange.

2.3Wettok Wallet.

A Wettok wallet is a non-custodial wallet that stores your cryptocurrency assets. They are non-custodial, meaning only those with the seed phrase or private key (the equivalent of a password) can access your funds.

Non-Custodial – Users can send and transfer funds knowing they are the only one who has access to those funds

Key-based – Underneath the hood, Wettok wallets have a unique key pair. This is different from centralized wallets as users are responsible for the safekeeping of their private keys

Accessible – Compatible – As stated above, Wettok wallets have begun to integrate dApps browsers to make it easy to connect with DeFi applications without having to every leave the app.

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