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Press Release

TOSA INU is a meme token, the team builds a strong ecosystem, Tosa inu focuses on building dApps, TosaSwap is the first project.



Tosa Inu started to realize that he needed to do something since so many stories about meme tokens with different names kept coming out and where did they end up? Did nothing for the community, and they left again.

Tosa Inu claims they focus on developing dApps including TosaSwap it is similar to Shiba Inu, according to the documents we searched, their team believes in a community with a shared decentralized ecosystem.

The best part is that they do the job very quickly outperforming most of the talk and do nothing meme tokens, they have a burn mechanism for anyone wishing to burn tokens reducing the supply.

They have #staking, #farming and more importantly, a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) operating community, and in our opinion it is a big rival to Shiba inu.


  • Total Suply: 600,000,000,000,000
  • Staking : 20%
  • Community rewards: 5%
  • Marketing and develop: 5%
  • Team : 5% (locked for 2 years on
  • Add liquidity: 65% on Uniswap.

> Link check:

Even better in the “Community rewards” program, each wallet address that receives 100,000,000 tokens for free will contribute 10% of those tokens to 80 animal protection organizations around the world and make it public through the GivingBlock platform:

Website of Tosa Inu:
Office links:

This is not investment advice but for me personally it is an opportunity you
should seriously consider.