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Taikonz is the Next Big Thing in the Blockchain Space



The tremendous growth of the blockchain space and the plethora of opportunities it offers may come as a surprise to many, but experts believe it is the perfect time to be a part of the revolution. The market has gained relative stability after the crash, more projects are coming up, and coins and tokens are being released every day. But, one needs a reliable and secure platform to benefit from it all. And that’s where Taikonz comes into the picture.

Taikonz is one of the most advanced exchanges developed to date and allows users to earn money by investing time. It’s not just the exchange, there is a whole ecosystem surrounding it, each interconnected in a systematic way to ensure the long-term sustainability and viability of the project. With a team specializing in every domain of the blockchain space and an experience of more than seven years, Taikonz intends to both simplify and revolutionize how investments and trading in cryptocurrencies take place.

Taikonz also allows staking, a protocol that delivers high returns and has received widespread significance in the last few years. And the best part, the platform enables users to stake a range of coins, each offering a high rate of return. A large number of users have recently switched to Taikonz for safe staking and regular rewards, some receiving as high as up to 2% per day.

Staking on Taikonz

Staking, in simple terms, is the locking of coins or tokens into a pool which is then used to verify transactions on the blockchain. It is employed on blockchains where PoS (Proof of Stake) is the consensus mechanism. Staking, of late, has become one of the most popular means to earn a decent and stable income without any active participation. All one has to do is acquire a certain number of tokens, deposit these into the staking pool for a set period, and the earnings will be added to the connected wallet.

Taikonz’s staking program is integrated into the exchanger and is better than most platforms in every sense. And with an increase in the staking period, Taikonz offers considerably higher returns. For instance, in the case of ETH, users receive rewards amounting to 6% when staking for 30 days, 36% for 90 days, 108% for 180 days, and 292% for a 365-day fixed staking period. Similarly, for BNB, the rewards for 30-day staking is 9%, for 90 days, it is 45%, for 180 days, it is 135%, and 365% for 365 days. Returns are even more promising for USDT, 10.02% for 30 days, 72% for 90 days, 225% for 180 days, and 602.25% for 365 days.

Staking other coins, too, delivers similar returns, and the rate, as well as the coins available for staking, can be found on the dedicated platform. With Taikonz, staking is quick, simple, and highly profitable.

Besides, Taikonz also plans to launch an NFT marketplace and an NFT game, both currently under development and will soon be released. With their launch, a significant part of the ecosystem will be operational, thus enhancing its overall utility and attracting more users.

Those looking for a staking platform can go with Taikonz, the simplest, safest, and one of the most profitable options to date. Taikonz employs multi-layer security protocols, AI, and encryption to ensure all-around security. Thus users can be sure that any funds added to the wallet or staked are safe. And, with 24*7 dedicated support through email, hotline, and webpage, users can seamlessly clarify all queries. Besides, Taikonz offers an invitational bonus to users who get others to onboard, so there are a lot of opportunities to earn for everyone, whether an active participant or a passive one. So, register today and start earning!

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