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Successful Launching of Tekkon in a Halloween-Themed Party at BGC Manila, Philippines



TEKKON successfully launched its first exclusive event in the Philippines in celebration of Halloween with 200+ attendees spite the bad weather condition that happened at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines last October 30, 2022.

Whole Earth Foundation (WEF) is a nonprofit organization that creates, provides, and operates an infrastructure information platform for a community initiative. They aim to find solutions to the social issue of aging infrastructure by getting members of the public involved in activities. After months of development, Tekkon has gained traction and social activity using data. 

TEKKON is a new community service-based position information game developed to tackle the issue of aging infrastructure and ensure safe infrastructure by having members of the public work together to take and post photos of infrastructure and review existing ones. 

Much piqued interest for Tekkon’s enabling the masses to use a Web 3 app that has a unique feature of collecting data to improve one’s country’s infrastructure aiming to expand the phenomenon worldwide. The Manhole Hunt Activity is a great way to get everyone moving and engaged in their surroundings. It’s a simple activity that can be done with little preparation and can be tailored to any age group. 

In the panel discussion with well-known personalities and key thought leaders in the world of Web 3, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Metaverse known globally and in the Philippines shared their insight in the panel discussion about Blockchain: In aid of Infrastructures and Innovation, Hideki Okada, Head of Global Marketing and CFO of Tekkon, Ismael Jerusalem, Founder of Ownly, Rommel Carlos, CEO of Arcus, Charles Gener, Product Lead of ExNetwork Capital, and moderated by Myrtle Anne Ramos, Founder, and CEO of Block Tides.

Panel speakers with TEKKON CEO, HIdeki Okada

NFT Content Creator, Giu Comia said “When you’re gathering data with infrastructures, it will take you around years. With Web 3, it will be fast and will give an opportunity to share everything with the people through rewards and incentivization“ 

Hideki Okada said, “The power of Blockchain is it can issue our own token, it’s up to the community how much this token will work”

TEKKON Discord Community with Community Director, Eliziel Balleta

About Tekkon

TEKKON is a Web3 app that promotes social good by empowering users (citizens) to help fix their local community’s infrastructure. Users (Citizens) can earn a token by posting and reviewing infrastructure data. 

Press Contact: Nina Crisostomo

Email: [email protected]

Country: Singapore