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Press Release Launches the Groundbreaking Ruthless Kitty Blockchain Game



Award-winning development and marketing company,, announces the launch of Ruthless Kitty, an all-inclusive NFT ecosystem with an exciting P2E game

The team might just be challenging the status quo in the blockchain space following the introduction of its Ruthless Kitty NFT game, which is part of an all-inclusive blockchain project. Described as a badass blockchain game, Ruthless Kitty offers immersive gameplay and amazing characters, including a feral feline conquering some really nasty stuff on his quest to achieve a badass life.

According to Wall Street giant, Morgan Stanley, the blockchain gaming industry is a potential $8 trillion market, attracting the attention of millions of game lovers as well as developers in different parts of the world. The emergence of NFTs, the metaverse, and of course, Web3, has undoubtedly driven the blockchain gaming market. However, it is looking like a new, exciting experience as introduces the Ruthless Kitty Blockchain Game.

Ruthless Kitty is a baby of blockchain enthusiast John White and his award-winning team, inspired by his best little buddy, Spanky, which led to the creation of the first sketch of Ruthless Kitty in 1989. Fast forward to 2022, the wildly popular cartoon character that always found his way into almost every detention, has been transformed from 2D renderings into 3D interactive models, and eventually the Ruthless Kitty Genesis NFT collection.

The gameplay has players helping Ruthless Kitty as he stands his ground against all odds in his quest to achieve the life he desires. Unlike many other tom-cats out there, Ruthless Kitty is not neutered and players are to support his dream of leaving the barn, navigating treacherous trails and fearsome forests in the process.

In addition to the Ruthless Kitty NFT game, the project also includes a chain-smashing VR/AR NFT collection, which is the genesis of the Ruthless Kitty project. The innovative and beautifully optimized NFT collection offers impressive tech, art, and utility to ensure holders enjoy maximum value.

For further information about the NFT collection, Ruthless Kitty blockchain game, and other aspects of the interesting project, visit – Ruthless Kitty also has a growing online community across social media, including Discord and Twitter.


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