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Philosopher Utilizing Blockchain and AI to Dismantle Systematic Racism



Beaumont, TX – A Philosopher has recently issued a series of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with the aim of raising funds for a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which will harness its own artificial intelligence (A.I.) language model. This initiative is known as “Planetary Chess,” a term originated by Dr. Francis Cress Welsing, a renowned African American psychiatrist, author, and speaker, who is credited by some for discovering the underlying cause of racism.

Irrespective of one’s belief in the veracity of her hypothesis, it is noteworthy that the philosopher has arrived at the determination that Dr. Welsing has effectively unraveled the enigma of racism, as her theory aligns with the underlying impulses of validated white supremacists who documented their convictions in manifestos that alluded to the “Great Replacement Theory”.

Planetary Chess integrates a plethora of disciplines, including literature, history, art, chess, war, blockchain technology, and A.I, to present a formidable challenge to the scourge of systematic racism, leveraging Dr. Welsing’s research and the triumph of the Haitian Revolution – the sole, albeit ephemeral, success in this regard.

The philosopher endeavors to fulfill the vacuum present within an economy community that prioritizes the eradication of systemic racism, in the midst of a formidable surge of discerning counter-racist measures. All facets of the Planetary Chess enterprise, encompassing literary works, opensea collections, and social media connectivity, can be accessed via this link:

About the Author:
Janga is a Philosopher with an extensive research career specializing in racism white supremacy and organized religions (

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