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P2E game token has been launched, GOLDEN TOKEN



GOLDEN TOKEN, a money-earning P2E game token has been launched.

The golden token service for customers will provide,

First: Social casino game, money-earning P2E (Play to Earn) token

Second: Free dating app (text, voice message, video call, golden token present, etc)

Third: Low cost electric vehicle, purchasing electric truck via shopping mall, linkage to payment

GOLDEN TOKEN will be adding features such as P2E games, various sectors for SNS entertainment, practical refund, exchange, maximize actual value.

There are 7 social casino games already released. Second launching point will be February of 2023.

“Social Casino game” which is for customers who possess the GOLDEN TOKEN

WWW.7SAGE.ME Global 7SAGE Derivatives Market

Can purchase, sell, and manage through OTC

7SAGE platform is designed, managed in Hong Kong and will provide services via 9 languages.

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company: 7SAGE Holdings
contact(person): Dante
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country: HONG KONG