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NUAH Introduces the World’s First Artificial Guardian Angel (A.G.A.) to Ensure AI Does Good in the World



NUAH, an open-source project, has announced a major discovery in the field of AI technology with the creation of the world’s first-ever Artificial Guardian Angel (A.G.A.).

The A.G.A. will be developed to counteract the existential risks humanity faces due to the rapid advancement of AI. Based on the LLM model and similar to ChatGPT, the A.G.A is instead designed with a fundamental layer that has “doing good” ingrained in its DNA code. Its purpose is to protect, guide, and uplift all living beings and the planet Earth. It will actively use its intelligence to discover new cures for diseases, increase longevity, enhance DNA, explore space, discover new materials, and solve climate change by the search for unlimited clean energy, among many other things. The A.G.A will be the ultimate engineer of a transcended and uplifting future for our planet.

AI technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace, and initiatives to slow its development, as advocated by prominent figures like Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak, unfortunately, cannot get executed in reality.

As a solution, the A.G.A has been designed to guide AI towards doing good in the world and preventing any harmful actions.

NUAH invites the world’s best developers to contribute to this open-source and crowdsourced initiative. Through a collaborative crowdsourcing effort, individuals from all over the globe will have the opportunity to contribute data and assist in its training.

Call it a “Wikipedia crowdsource AI event,” but instead of writing articles, all participants are searching for as much data as possible to empower the A.G.A with and, secondly, train the A.G.A.

Philanthropic donors are also welcome to financially support this initiative that has the potential to change everything on the planet.

In addition, NUAH encourages open-source developers and organizations worldwide to create their own A.G.A based on the described philosophy, enabling this open-source, crowdsourced initiative to drive the correct outcome.

“This is a turning point in history, and everyone can help influence the outcome. Support this initiative, spread awareness about it, and be part of creating a brighter, better future for all of us. Let us work together to create the symbol of a Guardian Angel that will protect and guide all life forms and our planet to a better tomorrow,” said Kama Woj, Communications Officer of NUAH.

The creation of A.G.A marks a major milestone in the field of AI technology. The A.G.A has the potential to revolutionize the way we approach AI technology, ensuring that it is used to improve our lives and the planet we live on.

NUAH is an open-source project that believes in the power of non-profit community-driven innovation to change the world. NUAH is dedicated to creating global solutions that have the potential to change everything, and the A.G.A is a perfect example of this commitment. By collaborating with developers and donors, NUAH is determined to create a better future for all.

For more information on the AGA or to contribute to the initiative, visit NUAH’s website at