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Nimrod Lehavi, founder and Former CEO of Simplex, an EU-licensed financial institution that provides crypto service with fiat payment infrastructure, joined the “Locus Chain” project as an advisor



Expectations for positive synergy between high-performance public blockchain Locus Chain- based NFT games and metaverse platforms and Nimrod Lehavi.

Bloom Technology, the developer of Locus Chain, a public blockchain platform that succeeded in achieving unlimited scalability while maintaining full decentralization, announced that Nimrod Lehavi, co-founder and Former CEO of Simplex, joined Locus Chain as an advisor.

After 15 years of solving technical / business / product challenges for an extensive range of different and complex businesses and industries at Lehavi Solutions Software boutique, Nimrod Lehavi stumbled upon the bitcoin white paper in 2011 and was immediately hooked. He wanted to purchase Bitcoin when it was less than $10 but found the purchase process rather difficult, so he established Simplex to solve the problem. He was a founding board member of the Israeli Bitcoin Association and has led Simplex as a market leader since 2014 when he founded Simplex.

Israel-based Simplex is a leader in the cryptocurrency industry in relation to the fiat currency on/off ramps, and serves to enable the connection between cryptocurrency and traditional financial sectors. Simplex platform is used by more than 350 companies, wallets, cryptocurrency exchanges, and applications, including Binance, the industry’s largest exchange, as well as Bitpay, and is also a principal member of the Visa network. Partners of Simplex are able to purchase cryptocurrency with Visa, Master card, debit cards, and direct bank wiring via Simplex platform. Simplex was recently acquired by a public company for a staggering amount of $300 million dollars.

Nimrod Lehavi is a man of talent who graduated Reichman University in Israel with a degree in computer science, a serial entrepreneur who founded Lehavi Solutions and Simplex, and an advisor to many technology and crypto startups. His experience and influence in the blockchain industry are expected to play a major role for Locus Chain in creating various retail/financial ecosystems.

Locus Chain is a public blockchain protocol that achieves both complete decentralization and scalability, is used in various NFT games and next-generation creator metaverse projects worldwide, and with Nimrod Lehavi onboard, we expect to see some significant progress in the projects that run on Locus Chain.

Sang-yoon Lee, CEO of Bloom Technology said, “We are very happy and excited to have Nimrod Lehavi as an advisor to Locus Chain. As a crypto expert, he has maintained a high reputation since the beginning of the blockchain industry and clearly recognizes the limitations of the existing blockchain solutions. I believe that Nimrod Lehavi will help Locus Chain grow into the most reliable layer 1 blockchain.”

In response, Nimrod Lehavi said, “I think Locus Chain is a very special, and fundamental layer 1 blockchain among other various Layer 1 blockchain projects I have seen so far. It is a blockchain that is built by exceptional technical talent, enjoying complete decentralization and scalability at the same time. I am happy to participate as an advisor to Locus Chain, and I am looking forward to cooperation with Locus Chain.”



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