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Megawatts Hosting Announces that the Hosting Facility is now for sale



The Megawatts Hosting facility is now for sale and will be sold on or before 1/31/2023.

Megawatts hosting has suspended its business operations. Its recently completed 5MW container-based mining facility is going to be sold. The complex is located on 3.4 acres of land and 23,000 square feet consisting primarily of 3 large open areas and two loading docks. In front of the building is also a suite of offices. The facility is less than a mile from an under-utilized substation. It has a full cloud-managed network and AT&T fiber optic internet.

There are 4 40-foot mining containers including evaporative cooling water curtains. On 100°F days, the inside of containers is cool. Each container can hold up to 300 S19 class miners, for a total capacity of 1200. There are also 4 transformers evaluated at 1770 KVA and the rating can be expanded by 25% by introducing a fan kit if the need arises.

The site as of now has 5MW introduced, however, the utility has affirmed that another 8MW is accessible for the area, carrying the total to 13MW. The utility requires a transmission study to go past 5MW, yet the grid is over-constructed and under-used, so a candidate would have an excellent opportunity.

The area is under a mile from Highway 69. It has convenient access to local and regional airports. The Nashville airport is a two-hour drive away, making it easy to reach. It’s situated in a medium-sized town. There’s very little crime. However, there are a couple of spots to eat and shop.

The facility offers various security features. It is located in a rural area with low crime. Security cameras are placed everywhere to confirm no one can be on the grounds without authorization. The mining area is encircled by a chain link fence topped with razor wire.

The facility is a blank slate where anyone can build any crypto dream they imagine. With the abundance of space, high-quality network connection, and the mountain of power there is almost nothing anyone couldn’t build there.

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Company Name: Megawatts Hosting
Contact Person: Thomas Woodward
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Country: US