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Lazy Coders, Proper Use Of NFT



Nowadays, many people focus their efforts on getting easy money, and that’s ok, wouldn’t you want that? The problem is when easy and ethical are not working together.

As experienced Software developers and web3 enthusiasts, we strongly believe that tools like blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFT could be the next step into the future. How we do many things today could be very different tomorrow. Simple things like voting, acquiring assets, sending money, investing, and paying taxes, among many other things, could be more efficient and transparent.

The issue is that only a small percentage of people understand these new technologies and their benefits. Instead, most see them as money machines where they can put money now and earn some tomorrow, leading to speculation, which is very common today.

Crappy cryptocurrencies and NFT collections get nonsense prices, and the fear of missing out (FOMO) makes people buy things they don’t understand with the hope they can sell tomorrow to another person with FOMO and so on… When there are no more people to scam, the project price collapses, and even if the intention or the idea behind the project is legit, people lose interest in them.

Some reasons for these illogical prices are Buying nonsense and aggressive marketing ads, trying to get involved in new technologies to sell almost immediately and make some profit (greed), following trends, Fear Of Missing Out, among other reasons.

Many scam projects are born from taking advantage of the situation, offering countless non-sustainable perks and useless features, sometimes even impossible to achieve.

The idea of a decentralized world is fantastic, but coming from a centralized world, we must be cautious about where we put our money. With all this in mind, we want to create a skill-based, real-life perks community, avoiding people whose only interest is flipping assets, and more importantly, we want to create something SUSTAINABLE.

The idea of the project is to use the minting money to achieve a sustainable company that won’t need to launch crappy, useless NFT every month to get more money while you’re not getting anything as a holder.

Who are we?

We are software engineers with more than 14 years of experience and decent careers. We’ve always had a passion for teaching, and besides our jobs, we enjoy developing apps, games, and blockchain projects.

What’s the project about?

We want to create a community of coders, juniors, and seniors, where members will get perks in the form of training, job opportunities, certifications, coding contests, support, and much more. Also, holders can ask questions and spend time with other members doing several activities like playing games, chatting, or even talking about future projects.

What is the plan for making this community sustainable?

The idea is to eventually make lazy coders a company that provides many services, like games and apps development, consultancy, accelerator, certifications, and dApps, among others. Also, we want to do this within the community by creating groups addressing different projects while others will focus on building and innovating, so the brand gets profit to make itself sustainable.

The profit is not only for the brand. Depending on the level of involvement, members will also get paid as they contribute to the community, coding, giving support, training junior people, etc.

Our founders’ main goal is to build something meaningful while having fun. We are not doxxed from the beginning and are more than happy to welcome everyone who wants to be part of this.

Are you interested? Would you like to know more about us?

Visit our web to get info about the roadmap, FAQ to know all the collection details, and see some sneak peeks of our fantastic art!