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Hug Coin to expand its service model by introducing the Klaytn Network



It was announced that Hug Coin, which leads the protocol economy by reorganizing the structural limitations of the existing payment system, will be changed from the Ethereum network to the Klaytn network, and through this, the service model will be expanded.

Hug Coin is a project that connects online, offline, and on-chain networks by developing a blockchain-based payment protocol 2.0, drawing attention in the industry.

Hug Coin used the existing Ethereum network, but the expensive fees and slow processing speed of the Ethereum network come as a great burden for payment projects that involve many transactions.

Due to these problems, Hug Coin introduced the Klaytn network. The Klaytn network has a very low fee and faster processing speed than the Ethereum network, enabling smoother service provision.

In addition, the Klaytn network has a very high market share in Korea, so it has the advantage of being very advantageous for entering the Korean market. An official of Hug Coin said, “Through this network change, we will accelerate our business and release new platforms steadily.”

According to Hug Coin’s network change, deposits and withdrawals and transactions will resume on bitcmon exchange from 3 pm on September 30th, and the network change method will be registered on Hug Coin’s official website.

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