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Grow Your Artistry With Arthentic’s Creative Blocks Nft Series



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On September 16, Arthentic released Creative Blocks.— Creative Block is a collection of unique, randomly generated NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. ARThenticCoC LLC(ARThentic) “Creative Blocks”, a utility-based NFT series that provides educational content for artists. This NFT series will offer a step-by-step direction to help artists navigate the web3 space. The company has created a token-gated Artist Dashboard that teaches musicians, dancers, clothing designers, wordsmiths, digital and studio artists how to be successful in the web3 space. Your Creative Blocks NFT also grants you automatic access to future Creative Blocks NFT projects and raffles. The Artist Dashboard is set for Beta release in Q4 this year as part of the Community of Creators ecosystem.

Currently, users are able to connect their wallet from their desktop computer’s web browser or using Metamask Wallet on their mobile device

ARThentic is building a community of artists that are passionate about collaborating while growing their talents. The Creative Blocks unlocks insightful information on web3 platforms, tailored by the ARThentic team after years of consulting artists on their NFT projects. (Working with artists over the years).

ARThentic’s goal is to build a platform that allows creators to easily collaborate on different art pieces, even with different types of artists, and bring together collectors, artists, and fans, providing them with tools and services that can help them launch an NFT collection without much technical know-how.

The Creative Blocks is the genesis membership into the Community of Creators and comes with exclusive benefits for the web3 space. After the dashboard release, community members will gain access to features like in-person meetups, exclusive airdrops, raffles, discounts on merchandise and event tickets, and an artist registry that partners businesses with creative workers. Check out the full roadmap at

The Creative Blocks were released to the public in an Alpha sale on September 16th, 2022. The NFT series is available on our website We are creating a community of educated individuals, who have the awareness and resources to navigate one’s creativity and web3. If you’re interested in joining the Community of Creators, their platform is available at

Note from the creators:

We are incredibly excited about this project especially because this community is the center of what we have represented for the last few years. We are glad to work with the diverse set of artists that have helped us grow enough to launch our platform. We hope to continue giving back to content creators, engaging artists, and producing amazing works using blockchain technology. This project was made and collaborated between 3 different styles with the help of artists: J1 Visions, Soul Speaks Studios, and Ghostie.

Developers, projects, and agencies seeking collaboration or integration with Arthentic CoC LLC can reach out to [email protected] for more information.


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