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Fandom Korea, ‘Collaborates with Peaceminusone…’ Launches Archive of Peaceminusone NFT



– Innovating new means of creator-to-fan communication while expanding cultural influence through G-Dragon’s digital artwork.

G-Dragon’s fashion brand Peaceminusone announced on the 28th that they have released their own NFT in collaboration with Fandom Korea, a subsidiary of Flask (041590).

Peaceminusone is a Korean fashion brand which was established in 2016 by G-Dragon who is also known as an art lover.

G-Dragon’s original artwork, Archive of Peaceminusone, which is the product design motif for Peaceminusone will be issued as several pieces of NFTs to be owned by the public. For this project, Fandom Korea has co-lead content planning, provides oversees technical support, and holds exclusive distribution rights.

In order to secure sustainable growth engines for the brand such as improving consumer satisfaction and awareness, expanding influence and strengthening communication with consumers, Peaceminusone plans to not only issue NFTs but also provide various special experiences related to them. A portion of the sales proceeds will also be donated.

Fandom Korea, with its unique diversification of services including effective promotion with TikTok and convenient payment methods, plans to continuously supply carefully selected high-quality contents by collaborating with various artists.

One of Fandom’s officials said, “We plan to expand the NFT service to all TikTok users early next year,” and “in order to efficiently expand the service, we will introduce high quality contents with large impacts first and gradually make it easier for all TikTok creators to join.” In addition, he said, “We will diversify our services with functions such as buying and selling all TikTok contents as NFTs, a community function that allows creators and fans to communicate with each other, etc.”

More information on the Archive of Peaceminusone NFT, which will be released at the end of December, can be found later through social media channels as Discord, Twitter, and Instagram.