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EnterDAPP : Fandom token & Exchange



EnterDapp is a token specialized in entertainment. It will start as a Core DAO platform and evolve into a multichain supporting BNB, Polygon, Arbitrum, Solana, and more.

We are also developing a platform to issue and trade our own fandom tokens.
It is also compared to Chiliz Token. If Chiliz Token is specialized in the sports industry
EnterDapp is a token specialized for the entertainment industry.

It has the advantage of being a platform token that connects artists and fans, so I wonder what the market price will be in the future.

EnterDapp is also developing an NFT marketplace where artists can sell their work.
And we are preparing for listing and pre-sale of tokens to provide liquidity.

The pre-sale price is $0.02 at the beginning of the listing, which is 1/10 of the price of $0.2 at the time of listing.

When listed, it can be said that it is a price that can realize a profit of more than 10 times the basic. Before the pre-sale, we conducted an airdrop of 2 million tokens.

The airdrop ended early due to 60,000 applicants in 7 days.

Enterdap will have its own exchange and NFT market, so I am curious about the future development.

A pre-purchase with very early tokens will yield huge profits.

The presale is done through the link below.

EnterDapp website :
EnterDapp Presale :
EnterDapp whitepaper :