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DuckSmoking Launches Revolutionary Crypto Initiative Featuring Interactive Duck Races, NFT Minting, and Strategic Deflationary Mechanics



DuckSmoking, a trailblazer in the cryptocurrency market, proudly announces the innovative integration of digital currency with interactive entertainment and cutting-edge blockchain technology through its Duck Races and NFT initiatives.

Interactive Duck Races and Innovative NFT Minting

DuckSmoking introduces monthly online Duck Races with dual entry options: free, for a small prize, or paid, using $DUCKS tokens for a chance to win big from the prize pool. To enhance the token economy, 30% of tokens from the paid entries are burnt, reducing the overall supply and increasing scarcity.

In addition to the races, DuckSmoking is launching an exclusive series of NFTs. “These NFTs are not only unique digital collectibles but also integral to our strategy of adding value back into our token economy,” explains Mql, Marketing Developer of DuckSmoking.  “Royalties from NFT sales are used to buy back and burn $DUCKS tokens, further fueling our deflationary mechanism and bolstering token value.”


Join the DuckSmoking Telegram Group

To ensure our community remains at the forefront of developments, we’ve established the DuckSmoking Telegram group as the hub for updates, support, and community interaction.

Members will enjoy:

  • Exclusive Insights: Updates on Duck Races, NFT releases, and market movements.
  • Real-Time Support: Direct lines to our team for unparalleled support.
  • Community Events: Engage in contests, giveaways, and exclusive race entries.

“The strength of DuckSmoking lies in its community. Through our Telegram group, we maintain transparency and foster robust interactions that are vital for our growth,” said Mql.

Invitation to Join and Explore

We invite investors, crypto enthusiasts, and digital collectors to join the DuckSmoking Telegram group and explore our innovative platform. Learn more about how DuckSmoking is uniquely positioning itself in the crowded market by visiting our website.

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About DuckSmoking

DuckSmoking is a pioneering cryptocurrency initiative that blends advanced blockchain technology with interactive digital entertainment and strategic economic mechanisms. Dedicated to revolutionizing the market, DuckSmoking offers unique opportunities for growth through initiatives like Duck Races, NFT minting, and proactive supply management strategies.