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DisruptDEX: How to Improve DeFi’s Performance and Experience with zkSync



Decentralized finance (DeFi) is a hot topic in the blockchain field, which aims to provide various financial services such as lending, trading, and insurance through smart contracts and distributed networks. While, it also faces some challenges, such as congestion on the Ethereumeum mainnet, high fees, and inefficient transaction speed. In order to solve these problems, some projects have started to explore the use of Ethereumeum Layer 2 (Layer 2) technology to enhance its performance and experience.

DisruptDEX is an order book decentralized exchange deployed on zkSync, an Ethereumeum Layer 2 blockchain, and an on-chain perpetual contracting protocol. Created in June 2022, it focuses on providing decentralized perpetual and spot trading with no slippage and low cost through a liquidity pool USD. It not only supports the Ethereumeum mainnet, but also supports zkSync, the second layer public chain of Ethereumeum, thus achieves higher throughput, lower fees and faster confirmations.

zkSync is a public chain that uses zero-knowledge rollup (ZK rollup) technology to solve Ethereum’s current scalability problems. It can pack thousands of transactions into a single block and use zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) to guarantee its correctness and security. zkSync also supports smart contracts and EVM compatibility, allowing developers to deploy a variety of decentralized applications (DApps) on it.

DisruptDEX uses the advantages of zkSync to provide users with a lower Gas, higher TPS, more secure, and more diverse decentralized trading experience. Users can use any asset on the DisruptDEX platform as margin, including stablecoins, tokens and NFTs, and enjoy up to 100x leverage. Users can also earn revenue by participating in USD or pledging Token DD.

USD is one of the core innovations of DisruptDEX, a unique liquidity pool design that automatically adjusts asset allocation among liquidity providers (LPs) to maximize returns and minimize impermanent losses. USD also enables cross-chain asset conversion, allowing users to trade on different chains. Token DD is another innovation of DisruptDEX incentive mechanism, the governance token of the DisruptDEX platform, providing users with more usage scenarios and value interactions. Holders can participate in the platform’s decision making and governance, and enjoy the platform’s revenue dividends.

As an emerging DEX platform, DisruptDEX successfully received seed round and A round of financing from well-known investment institutions with a total of $10 million in financing support. And in February 2023, B round of financing brought in an additional $20 million for DisruptDEX. In addition, a $500 million commitment provides strong financial security for DisruptDEX’s future growth. Some investment institutions show great interest in DisruptDEX.

DisruptDEX is an innovative and cutting-edge project dedicated to promoting the development and popularity of DeFi. In the future, it will further develop financial services such as vaulting, lending, social trading, and options to gradually build a more complete DEX financial ecosystem. With the technical breakthrough of zkSync and the development of public chain, it is expected to become the star DEX of zkSync public chain.