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Balder Exchange launches its NFT collection with a revolutionary proposal



The NFT market is growing at an impressive rate. The non fungible tokens or simply NFTs are tokens that few people have access to due to their exorbitant values and in most cases despite their rarity they don’t bring income to their owner. Thinking of bridging this gap Balder Exchange comes with a revolutionary proposal, in which its collection of NFTs will have a mixture of the B3 market with the real estate market, guaranteeing its holder a monthly passive income and the increase of its profits, revolutionizing the world market.

The Balder Exchange’s NFTs will be shares, like shares in a company, and investors will earn as the company, in this case Balder Exchange, increases in value.

10% of all profits made by the Exchange will go to the holders of the shares, i.e. the NFTs. These NFTs will be valid for 10 years, or rather, they will provide the owner with a monthly passive income for 10 years. There will be a private group for holders of the NFTs so that they can track the exchange’s profits, and they will have participation from the moment they are minted.

The first version of NFTs will be the NFT BLUE which will have shares of 0.01% in profits, worth $10 with 1000 units for sale and there will be no limit on purchases. The NFT DRUANTIA will have 0.05% profit sharing, worth 50 dollars. The NFT THOR will have 0.10% quotas and a value of 100 dollars. The last version will be NFT VALQUÍRIAS, with a 0.50% share and a value of $500. It is worth mentioning that the owner will not be able to sell his NFT to a third party, because there is no way to transfer the exchange’s profit share from one investor’s portfolio to another. Purchases of NFTs can be made by P2P by contacting the CEO of Balder Exchange or through the Marketplace of the upcoming Balder Exchange. In order to buy the NFT you will need BUSD or USDT.

For those who think that participation is small, it is worth pointing out that all the movements within an exchange generate fees, which will be responsible for the platform’s earnings. Balder Exchange is a small exchange with very small transactions, but imagine when Balder Exchange joins trackers such as Coingecko, Coinmarketcap, the transactions will increase absurdly and consequently the exchange’s profits. In the long run the owners’ profits will only grow.