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A Newly Created DAO Aims at Building a Time Machine



The DAO’s core team intends to raise funds to enable a Thai professor to realize his invention

Quite recently, in 2022, a team of scientists from South East Asia invented a time machine, whose work is based on relativistic electrodynamics and quantum effects. The theory behind it is described in a few papers published in peer-reviewed journals (which means it has been approved by independent experts), namely:

The third paper has been submitted to such a journal, too, and it will appear soon. The title of the paper is “Timeline Generation for Time Traveling using Microstrip Ring Structure Rabi Oscillation.” One of the authors of the paper, Thai full research professor Preecha Yupapin from Sakonnakhon Technical College, wants to build a time machine that will generate the above timeline for time travel.

Preecha Yupapin’s Google Scholar and Facebook accounts:

To help him raise the necessary funds, a group of enthusiasts established a DAO. TimeMachineDAO is hosted on Juicebox; it has accounts on Reddit, Twitter and Discord:

The promotion of the DAO has just begun. The core team is still being formed (currently, it already has four members, but there are still vacancies in it).

According to the plan of the professor and the DAO, the work will be broken down into two stages. At the first stage, a prototype will be created that will be able to send to the future or to the past information rather than material objects. At the second stage, a full-fledged time machine able to carry passengers will be built.

Those who will buy tokens of the DAO will co-own and govern the time machines. The latter will be built in Sakonnakhon, Thailand. The building of the first one will cost 3,093,000 USD; it’s raising them that will be the first funding round. This stage of work will take approximately 10 to 11 months.

The community of the DAO will decide what to do with the time machines including possible commercialization. Anybody from anywhere can contribute and thus become a co-owner of the first time machine in the history of humanity. Tokens will be generated only when somebody contributes financially; 20% will go to the DAO to remunerate the core team and possible (non-financial) contributors. There will be at least three funding rounds (building the first time machine, the second one, and operating the devices built). Due to the fact that only the cost of building the first time machine is known, the funding target is configured on Juicebox as “Indefinite.”

TimeMachineDAO is being promoted through various channels. According to the White Paper, up to 10% of the funds raised may (but need not to) be applied to paid promotion.


Professor Preecha Yupapin, the inventor & the technical team lead:

[email protected]

Alex Polischuk, the professor’s authorized representative, a member of the core team of TimeMachineDAO:

[email protected]

Thanks for your attention!