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Press Release Launches Six Revenue-driven Utilities At A Stretch



Borderless community, powered by 2spice token, built on Binance Smart Chain to lift members economically

2spice – thriving online community, is set to unveil numerous apps and utilities linked to, main website.

The community aims to bring sustainable economic empowerment to its members through direct donations and reward systems that allow people to perform relevant tasks and be paid for doing so.

Anybody can become a member of the 2spice community simply by signing up on the platform.

What to expect from the soon-to-be-launched apps and utilities include:

  1. Reward for passion: the 2spice community is gifted with a lot of passionate bloggers who derive joy in telling beautiful stories to the delight of community people. For every post that a blogger makes, the reward system pays the author according to the level of engagement it generates.
  2. Impressive returns on investment: 2spice token appreciates in value even if whales dump it because of its classic buy-mint and sell-destroy features. This makes investing in it very attractive.
  3. Fundraising for individual community members: Community people who have financial challenges are allowed to access support through the fundraising utility.
  4. 2spiceart: this is for both upcoming and celebrity artists to upload their work for free and get rewarded for that. It gives them good publicity but they don’t have to pay. They are rather paid.
  5. ShopDigital: a home for digital service providers. They specify their field and get paired with buyers.
  6. Games: 2spice community takes entertainment and happiness seriously, evident in the integration of awesome games and many more still underway. Games players get paid through the reward system.
  7. Watch and Earn: here, viewing short videos comes with rewards.

The 2spice community is hoping to introduce another set of utilities in the near future.



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